Major Brands Diversifying Their Social Portfolios

Nike is no stranger to social media and they are one of the few major brands in existence today that is truly capitalizing on the dozens of social channels available.  As technology increases and consumers become savvier as shoppers, it is more and more important for big brands to stay in sync with their customers.  In 2016, consumer’s attention spans are shrinking and their level of brand loyalty is lower than ever.  As millennials flood the market, brands are being forced to innovate and find creative ways to capture commitment from picky customers.  One way to do this is to create a conversion with a targeted customer base and listen to things they have to say.  Now more than ever, brands are focusing on individual, one to one marketing.  In order to perfect this strategy, brands must know their consumers inside and out.  The easiest way for brands to stay in contact with their customers and listen to what they have to say about existing products and products/services that they want is by participating in the social channels where the conversation is happening.

Nike has 38,000,000 followers on Instagram and more 10,000,000 across their Twitter accounts.  This strong presence on the social spheres is paying off for Nike.  Because they have narrowed their focus socially, the footwear “king” has grown even closer with its customer base than ever before and is now able to have real-time dialogue with customers while marketing specifically to individuals based on their demographics and preferred product categories.  While their Instagram and Twitter presence is strong, Nike is also one of the leading brands on the emerging social shopping network, Wanelo.  Wanelo allows consumers and shoppers to share products they like with their friends and followers.  Users can follow brands and trending product lists that are receiving large amounts of energy and “buzz”.  The conversation about product is happening on social channels like Wanelo, and brands like Nike have taken notice.  If a brand really wants to get to the heart of what the consumer wants, they must get to the root of the consumer behavior and identify, first-hand what consumers area saying.

nike peri

Image Credit: Nike Basketball

Another up and coming social platform that Nike has started to implement into its marketing efforts in Periscope.  In December, Nike announced that it would be revealing new Nike Basketball product exclusively via Periscope.  In the short time that Nike has been active on the live streaming app, they have accrued nearly 50,000 followers and over 100,000 likes.  Nike has taken note of the marketing potential the Periscope holds.  Not only do they value the applications technology, they also value the consumers who use it.  By revealing highly anticipated product via Periscope, Nike is essentially creating a whole new conversation for the applications user base and will get to engage viewers directly via real-time marketing.

This is huge step for Nike and live-marketing effort s alike.  More brands may want to take not of Nike’s efforts to diversify its social portfolio before it’s too late.

This post was brought to you by Griffin Gambill.  If you are interested in learning more about social media marketing and the power of Wanelo, check out my personal blog here.


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