Major Brands Diversifying Their Social Portfolios

Nike is no stranger to social media and they are one of the few major brands in existence today that is truly capitalizing on the dozens of social channels available.  As technology increases and consumers become savvier as shoppers, it is more and more important for big brands to stay in sync with their customers.  In 2016, consumer’s attention spans are shrinking and their level of brand loyalty is lower than ever.  As millennials flood the market, brands are being forced to innovate and find creative ways to capture commitment from picky customers.  One way to do this is to create a conversion with a targeted customer base and listen to things they have to say.  Now more than ever, brands are focusing on individual, one to one marketing.  In order to perfect this strategy, brands must know their consumers inside and out.  The easiest way for brands to stay in contact with their customers and listen to what they have to say about existing products and products/services that they want is by participating in the social channels where the conversation is happening.

Nike has 38,000,000 followers on Instagram and more 10,000,000 across their Twitter accounts.  This strong presence on the social spheres is paying off for Nike.  Because they have narrowed their focus socially, the footwear “king” has grown even closer with its customer base than ever before and is now able to have real-time dialogue with customers while marketing specifically to individuals based on their demographics and preferred product categories.  While their Instagram and Twitter presence is strong, Nike is also one of the leading brands on the emerging social shopping network, Wanelo.  Wanelo allows consumers and shoppers to share products they like with their friends and followers.  Users can follow brands and trending product lists that are receiving large amounts of energy and “buzz”.  The conversation about product is happening on social channels like Wanelo, and brands like Nike have taken notice.  If a brand really wants to get to the heart of what the consumer wants, they must get to the root of the consumer behavior and identify, first-hand what consumers area saying.

nike peri

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Another up and coming social platform that Nike has started to implement into its marketing efforts in Periscope.  In December, Nike announced that it would be revealing new Nike Basketball product exclusively via Periscope.  In the short time that Nike has been active on the live streaming app, they have accrued nearly 50,000 followers and over 100,000 likes.  Nike has taken note of the marketing potential the Periscope holds.  Not only do they value the applications technology, they also value the consumers who use it.  By revealing highly anticipated product via Periscope, Nike is essentially creating a whole new conversation for the applications user base and will get to engage viewers directly via real-time marketing.

This is huge step for Nike and live-marketing effort s alike.  More brands may want to take not of Nike’s efforts to diversify its social portfolio before it’s too late.

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What’s All The Hype About?


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The unit that Periscope uses to measure the success of their social media channel and how many users are on it is the amount of time users spending watching live videos. Periscope founder Kayvon Beykpour stated “Users collectively watch 40 years worth of content daily on Periscope.”Beykpour explains, “Success for broadcasters means more time watched on their broadcasts. Success for the audience means more high-quality broadcasts in their feeds that they want to watch and participate in.” Periscope may only little over a year old but their user base is continuously growing and the app is constantly improving. Beykpour mentioned that some potentially new features may include a fast-forward button for stream replays and being able to live stream via landscape mode. Periscope is certainly looking promising as a formidable social media channel that may catch up to the big players in a few years time.

Periscope announced in August of 2015 that the app has 10 million active accounts on iOS and Android. A chart from the analytic firm Wefi that tracks Android users in the United States shows that Periscope is installed on 1 percent of all Android users’ phones, while Meerkat is on about 0.07 percent. So Periscope may be becoming popular and more and more users are downloading the app, but it is still only used on 1 percent of all Android users’ phones. So what’s all the hype about? When considering Periscope through the terms of Gartner’s Hype Cycle, it would appear that the social media channel has not yet reached the Peak of Inflated Expectations.


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Since Periscope is being used by less users than compared to the bigger social media channels and many social media users are still unaware of the channel, Periscope is still rising to the Peak of Inflated Expectations. A handful of companies have been utilizing the app to market to users, yet many still have not since the social media channel is still in its stages of infancy. As more updates to the app occur, more success stories or more failures will occur from companies using the app to reach their target markets. Periscope has not yet begun to be utilized by most social media users, especially Android users. As the social media channel begins to pick up speed, so too will the amount of users increase. Its a good time to start using the app if you would like to experience all the updates along the way, or you could wait until the app becomes mainstream and reap all the benefits. That is of course if Periscope ever bounces back after its Trough of Disillusionment. Then you run the risk of not utilizing the app at all. The few businesses that are using it now to reach audiences are successfully bring in profits, especially from Millennials. Perhaps your business should consider using Periscope too.

No Meerkat Isn’t Dead. It’s Actually Innovating Faster Than Periscope.

Periscope Now Has 10 Million Users

Periscope Hits 10 Million Users Kinda



Royal Millennials


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Several marketing campaigns that are using new social media channels like Periscope are looking to reach younger audiences. Millennials seem to be the main users of Periscope and other new social media channels. Kara Wallace, Vice President of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines believes that their social media marketing campaigns through Periscope resonate more with Millennials because they feel more authentic. Millennials are less likely to listen to traditional forms of advertisement. There is a stigma that traditional forms of advertisement are misleading or even false. Millennials see these advertisements as a way greedy corporations are forcing you into purchasing their product. Seeing people, usually other Millennials, interacting with fun activates on Royal Caribbean cruise lines and visiting exotic locations that the cruises go to in real time provides a more organic view of what Royal Caribbean has to offer. This is why marketing through Periscope has successfully reached more Millennials and led to higher Millennial purchases.

In November of 2015, Royal Caribbean launched a Come Seek Live campaign. Royal Caribbean showcased live footage of destinations that their cruises went to and had it displayed on digital billboards throughout New York City. The streaming events on Periscope featured the Las Playas natural water slide in Puerto Rico, green monkeys at the Wildlife Reserve in Barbados, riding ATVs in St. Maarten, and the Bionic Bar on the cruise ship Anthem of the Seas that features a robotic bartender. Some live streams lasted anywhere from 8 to 40 minutes long. The entire campaign was designed to show viewers the real side of the Caribbean that a Royal Caribbean cruise line could take you to. The insider look at how much fun a Royal Caribbean cruise line could be made Millennials excited and eager to book a trip. This insight through Periscope changed the way Millennials viewed the cruising experience.

Since Periscope is still in its early stages as new social media channel, Millennials are the primary target audience when it comes to businesses’ marketing strategies. Due to reduced costs and greater potential for connecting with millennials, brands are continuing to use Periscope to reach their younger audience. Royal Caribbean will continue to show Millennials how they can be treated like royalty while out at sea.

Major Brands Target Millennials with Periscope

Royal Caribbean is Putting Periscope Broadcasts on Digital Billboards

Facebook Live From The Red Carpet


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Facebook Live was once exclusive to celebrity use in the United States. However, with its most recent update, Facebook Live will now be available on both iOS and Android, in more than 30 countries, and to any Facebook user. Originally created last year for users to stream what they are doing or seeing live or to simply chat live with friends like Apple’s FaceTime, Facebook Live is in the process of becoming a new and permanent way for users to communicate with each other and post on their timelines. The new update will introduce a Live Video feature that will be located next to the News Feed. Users will be able to read comments posted in real time and see how many friends are watching. When the live stream is complete, the video will be saved on the user’s timeline like any other video uploaded to Facebook. Friends that missed the video when it was streaming live will be able watch it on the user’s timeline whenever they want.

The Oscars last Sunday made use of Facebook’s new innovation by streaming the event, providing followers with a different experience than that of the televised broadcast. Content shown to followers through Facebook Live included red carpet arrivals, backstage interviews, and acceptance speeches shot from the side of the stage.Viewers were able to watch their favorite celebrities throughout the night both on television and on Facebook Live. The Academy Awards official page on Facebook has over 2.1 million followers, all of which were notified of when the streaming began.

According to Facebook, more people watch live streaming videos rather than videos on demand. Facebook is making huge strides in their new video market. So what does this mean for Periscope? Competition. Facebook has become such an integrated part of our society. There are literally millions of users on Facebook. Facebook incorporating a new live streaming option within an already existing social media channel makes it easier for users to utilize it. Asking someone to go download an additional app results in the loss of potential users. Many followers, like those of The Academy Awards, will automatically be notified whenever a page is going to have a live stream. Twitting or posting on Facebook about future live streams on Periscope are still some of the primary ways to get users to follow you over to Periscope. Facebook adding a simpler way to live stream could potentially hurt Periscope in loss of users. Periscope must be mindful of Facebook Live and continue to innovate their product to be superior. Perhaps Periscope can better incorporate their app with Twitter allowing Twitter users to easily post live streams like Facebook users now can. It is still too early to tell if Facebook will still the Oscar away from Periscope for Best Live Streaming Platform.

Live Video Is Coming For All on Facebook

Periscope and Meerkat Done Right

Periscope and Meerkat are being utilized by more and more businesses everyday. Some great ways to use live streaming include AMAs (Ask Me Anything) or Q&As. AMAs are similar to whenever celebrities takeover a Twitter or Instagram account, except that the person answering live questions does not necessarily need to be a celebrity and instead of making posts and replying to comments they are talking live with their followers. For example, in June of 2015 the CEO of The Next Web hosted a Periscope AMA with the fans of their website. This strategy allows followers to build a relationship with the company and connect directly with the brand.

Brandon Hassler of Market Campus states that when using live streaming services like Periscope and Meerkat it is important to focus on the the person or entity that is streaming. So if a celebrity is having a live stream, the stream should show the celebrity, not just a stream filmed by a celebrity. Also, the live stream should focus on people interacting with one another, not simply a beautiful scenery; that is what pictures are for. This is important to consider when using Periscope and Meerkat for your business. With a direct interaction between the person or entity and the followers, a stronger relationship can form.

Hassler also mentioned that behind the scenes meetings or tours are great way of reaching audiences through Periscope or Meerkat. When a business is more transparent with their customers trust is developed. Live streaming can serve as a way for customers and followers to look behind the curtain of a business’s day to day operations. For example, the marketing team for the Madden video game series live steamed during the football offseason getting behind the scenes coverage of players and sharing it with their fans.  Odell Beckham of the New York Giants, a fan favorite in the game, was able to talk to fans on Periscope.

GameStop is the nation’s largest video game retailer. Gamestop recently used Periscope to live stream a GameStop employee at E3 (The Electronic Entertainment Expo). Through these live streams, GameStop was able to show followers first hand looks at new games that are scheduled to come out in the next few years from major companies like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Followers were able to see people playing games in real time and share their experiences. Followers joined the GameStop employee as he traveled throughout the expo and and experienced new game with him. Then followers were reminded that all of these games could be purchased or pre-ordered at their local GameStop retailer or online. The live stream of E3 instilled excitement in followers and encouraged them to make purchases. GameStop is an example of another successful business successfully using Periscope to market to their customers.

What Companies and Brands are Using Periscope Well?

Meerkat Isn’t Dead


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Meerkat is a live streaming social media channel that was actually released before Periscope. Though many of its features are similar, others are unique to Meerkat. On Meerkat streamers can start a live poll with their viewers and view trending hashtags. Broadcasters can also  display photos from their smartphone’s camera roll midstream. Another of Meerkat’s features called Cameo allows other users to stream from their smartphone onto someone else’s feed and then return it back to the original broadcaster. An important difference between Meerkat and Periscope is that broadcasters on Meerkat can upload their videos directly to Facebook. This is a luxury Periscope users do not have immediate access to since Periscope is directly owned by Twitter.

Though Meerkat is constantly innovating their app, Periscope continues to steal users away. In September of 2015 it was recorded that more than 1.6 million tweets with “LIVE on #Periscope” were sent in comparison to 120,000 tweets with “LIVE NOW #meerkat,” according to the former social analytic service Topsy. Though Meerkat users are lower in number compared to Periscope, users are consistently doubling on a monthly bases. However, this increase in users does not directly reflect retention rates or frequency of content.

Users say that Meerkat is the superior product even though most are moving on to Periscope. There is a group of devoted users that continue to remain with Meerkat in hopes that it’s brand and constant innovation will eventually surpass Periscope. Investors are still hopeful that Meerkat can compete with Periscope. In March of 2015 the Meerkat team nearly tripled in size, supported by $14 million in investments from Greylock Partners.

Periscope should be mindful of Meerkat’s constant innovation and perhaps explore some similar features that separate them in order to minimize competition. Periscope can sign more celebrities to be exclusive to them. For example, many fans of Madonna use Meerkat because she exclusively live streams performances through that channel. Periscope also has more businesses using the app for social media marketing and with more endorsed celebrities associated with those businesses, the more likely users will follow. Though Meerkat was one of the first live streaming apps to be released in the market, the constant success of Periscope may likely turn Meerkat into the first live streaming app to leave the market. However, Meerkat isn’t dead yet.

No, Meerkat Isn’t Dead. It’s Actually Innovating Faster Than Periscope.